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The Effect of Public Transit on Air Pollution: Evidence from Canadian Transit Strikes (w/ Nic Rivers and Soodeh Saberian). Forthcoming, Canadian Journal of Economics. (working paper version)

Pollution and Politician Productivity: The Effect of PMs on MPs. 2019. Land Economics, 95(2): 157-173 (w/ Anthony Heyes and Nic Rivers). (working paper version)


Spillovers from Regulating Corporate Campaign Contributions. 2018. Journal of Regulatory Economics, 54(3): 244-265 (w/ Adam Fremeth and Brian Richter). (working paper version)

Gasoline price and new vehicle fuel efficiency: Evidence from Canada. 2017. Energy Economics, 68: 454-465. (w/ Nic Rivers) (working paper version)

New Vehicle Feebates. 2017. Canadian Journal of Economics, 50(1): 201-232. (w/ Nic Rivers) (working paper version)

Taxes, Volatility and Resources in Canadian Provinces. 2016. Canadian Public Policy, 42(4): 469-481. (working paper version)

Motivations for Corporate Political Activity. 2016. Advances in Strategic Management: Strategy Beyond Markets. 34: 161-191. (w/ Adam Fremeth and Brian Richter) (working paper version)

Salience of Carbon Taxes in the Gasoline Market. 2015. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management. 74(1):23-36. (w/ Nic Rivers) (working paper version)

The Effect of Carbon Taxes on Agricultural Trade. 2015. Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics. 63(2): 235-257. (w/ Nic Rivers) (working paper version) (supplementary material)

Winner "Outstanding Journal Article in CJAE - 2015" 

Campaign Contributions over CEOs' Careers. 2013. American Economic Journal: Applied Economics. 5(3): 170-188. (w/ Adam Fremeth and Brian Richter) (working paper version) (supplementary material)

Regulation and the Financial Performance of Canadian Agribusinesses. 2011.  Agricultural Finance Review. 71(2): 201-217. (w/ Dave Sparling)

AgriStability with Catastrophic Risk for Cow-Calf Producers. 2010. Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics. 58(3): 361-380. (w/ Jim Unterschultz and Tomas Nilsson)

Cow-Calf Producers Need to Blame Exchange Rates, not Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy, for Lost Wealth. 2009. Journal of Environmental Health and Toxicology, Part A. 72(17-18). (w/ Zoya Komirenko and Jim Unterschultz)

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